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Dino Grip stair nosings have been developed to conform to the Disabilities Discrimination Act Part III which is now in force.

The Act, in essence, requires that all stairs, accessed by members of the public, should have a contrasting coloured nosing fitted to all step edges and in addition such stair nosings should provide a slip resistant surface.

Our stair nosings offer both a colour differentiation and an anti-slip solution for any step edge. They are easy to install and can be fitted to almost any step without creating a trip hazard. They are also suitable for DIY installations.

The nosings come in three different colours and 2 standard sizes:
Colour: Brown / Buff / Yellow
Size: 70mm x 30mm / 55mm x 55mm
Custom size orders are welcomed.


Delivery is within 2 to 3 days as we hold these items in stock. For large orders please contact us for delivery times.

Custom sized orders are also undertaken free of charge and again please contact us to place your order.


Do it Yourself Installation
Quick and simple to install. Either glue and screw to the existing substrate or simply glue using a structural adhesive.

Anti Slip
DINO GRIP Stair Nosings – GRP profiles have a compound of a special formula of grit is added in the final layer of laminate.

Tapered Back Edge
To ensure a flush fit with the existing substrate and to eliminate the possibility of a trip hazard, the product has been designed with a tapered back edge.

High Visibility Colours
DINO GRIP Stair Nosings – GRP are designed to provide a contrasting colour to step edges.


Two sizes are available, the 70x30mm is the standard to meet current Building Regulations (applicable to new buildings), a 55x55mm version is also available.

It is available from stock in a maximum length of 3000mm and can be cut to size as required in house.

Stair Nosings are available in the following colours.

Installation Guide

Standard Personal protective equipment should be worn at all times when installing Dino Grip stair nosings. These include a dust mask, safety goggles, heavy-duty gloves and overalls. They should be cut in a well-ventilated area or close to extraction points. Dust residue can be disposed of using normal waste disposal methods.


  1. The stairs should be dry and clean and free from any loose and defective material.
  2. If there are areas that are damaged these should be repaired so that the surface is flat and even.
  3. Undertake a dry fit of the nosing to ensure that it sits flat and is the correct size.
  4. If any further trimming is required, we recommend the use of a jigsaw, preferably fitted with a tungsten carbide blade.
  5. Drill two holes at approx 600mm from the centre (should predrilled fixing points be required with countersinking, we can provide this service prior to dispatch for a small charge).

Mechanical fitting is sufficient to secure Dino Grip stair nosings. However, we also recommend that an application of a high strength gap filling adhesive (PU230 or similar) to provide extra strength and a safeguard against failure of the mechanical fittings.

The gap filling also promotes noise reduction when fitting over the existing surface.

To apply the gap filling adhesive, run a 6mm bead around the perimeter of the panel, and then horizontally across the panel at approximately 200 to 250mm intervals.

Place the nosing immediately onto the substrate.

After 1 hour, a firm bond will be achieved under normal circumstances and drying conditions.

Secure with the mechanical fixings and allow the adhesive to cure for 12-24 hours before allowing excessive traffic to use the areas.

30mm x 5mm BZP or Stainless Steel Screws

Steel Chequer Plate
No 8 x 20mm Self tapping pan head pozi A4 stainless steel, or BZP screws.

30mm x 5mm BZP or A4 Stainless Steel Impact anchors (Domed head)

Open Mesh Grating
Stainless Steel 3M Saddle Clips with domed headed or counter sunk bolts to suit the appropriate grating thickness, and a 50 x 50mm square washer. High Strength Gap filling Adhesive Coverage Guide. As a guide only, 1 X 310mm tube of adhesive should under normal circumstances be enough to fit 10 lengths of Stair Nosing

Cleaning is important to maintain the effectiveness of the grit surface with regard to slip resistance. A stiff hand brush and hot soapy water is recommended for best results. Mild detergents can be used safely on the product but it is advisable to test any cleaning products first.

The fixings and any adhesive should be checked on a regular basis to ensure the nosings are still in good general condition. Any remedial work should be undertaken immediately.