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DINO GRIP Riser Plates are ideal for use with DINO GRIP Stair Treads.

DINO GRIP Riser Plates will not rot, twist or warp and provides a smooth visually better finish to the step riser.

  • Fully covers existing riser substrate
  • Transforms existing staircases
  • Maintenance Free
  • Quick & easy installation
  • Easily combines with Step Covers


Covers Existing Substrate
Building Regulations state that all risers should be between 150mm and 170mm. DINO GRIP Riser Plates when combined with DINO GRIP Step Covers are able to deal with the majority of riser heights.

Visually Appealing
DINO GRIPs Riser Plates clad and cover the existing riser and completes the look of the stairs.

DINO GRIP Riser Plates are available in black and aluminium.

Do it Yourself Installation
DINO GRIP Riser Plates are extremely simple to install. They are simply glued in place and with the addition of DINO GRIP Step Treads provides a secondary fixing method.

Minimum Maintenance
All that is required to maintain the surface finish of DINO GRIP Riser Plates is a wipe over with warm soapy water. This is a major benefit over painted risers which need sanding down and repainting on a regular basis.


DINO GRIP Riser Plates are available as 145mm high, 4mm thick and 3000mm long.

The Riser Plates can be cut to the required step width.

DINO GRIP Riser Plates are available in black and aluminium.