Carborundum Filled Treads

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Richco Carborundum Filled Nosings are a premium high quality product for creating a safe and anti slip stair edge.

This product is a ideal if the area requires an attractive finish with an elegant looking product.

Richco Carborundum Filled Nosings can be fitted to almost any step without creating a trip hazard.

  • Premium Product
  • High Quality Finish
  • Carborundum Filled Aluminium
  • Tough & Durable
  • Quick & Easy to Install


High Quality Product
Richco Carborundum Filled Nosings are a premium high quality product manufactured using aluminium and carborundum.

Visually Appealing
Richco Carborundum Filled Nosings are a designed to be used in areas requiring a level of elegance and class.

Long Lasting
Richco Carborundum Filled Nosings are manufactured with high quality materials, ensuring the tread is hard wearing and extremely long lasting.


Colour Range
This product is available in the following colours.

Installation Guide

Surface Preparation
Ensure the areas that are to have Richco Carborundum Nosings fitted are clean, dry and free from loose and friable material. Any dished or damaged surface areas should be patch repaired to provide a reasonably flat and consistent surface.

Dry fit all Carborundum Nosings and ensure that they fit freely and that they sit flat to the surface.

Whilst mechanial fixings are all that is required to secure Richco Carborundum Nosings, wherever possible, the application of an appropriate high strength gap filling adhesive will provide a secondary fixing in the event that the mechanical fixings should fail.
Apply a 6mm bead of high strength gap-filling adhesive around the periphery of the Carborundum Nosings and in horizontal stripes at approximately 200mm centres. Immediately press the Carborundum Nosing firmly to the substrate to ensure adequate transfer of adhesive. A firm bond will be achieved in about one hour under normal circumstances and conditions. Secure with the mechanical fixings and allow the adhesive sealant to cure before allowing excessive traffic to use the area.

Data Sheets